Hammond Walker are an experienced, reliable, commercially focused firm of Chartered Accountants based in London.
Tel: 0203 375 8100
Email: inform@hammondwalker.co.uk
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Tel: 0203 375 8100

Our promise

By ensuring all our staff adhere to our Client Service Standards we ensure all our clients are dealt with in a professional and timely manner. They can be summarised as follows:

  • Reply/acknowledge letters from clients within four days of receipt of their letters.
  • Return calls to clients by close of business on next day.
  • Return documents to clients (e.g. bound accounts, tax returns) within one week of receipt.
  • Process client´s records within one month of receipt or ensure the client is aware of the delay.
  • Reply/acknowledge letters from Inland Revenue within three weeks of receipt (includes C&E, DSS, Contributions Agency). Return calls to such organisations within three days.
  • Reply/acknowledge letters from all other organisations within seven days of receipt. Return calls within two days.
  • Always give name when answering telephone calls. Be helpful and pro- active rather than simply asking people to call back or even taking their number for someone else to return their call.
  • Always consider client´s perception of our services and actions.
  • Treat colleagues as regards internal correspondence and communication, as thoughtfully as you would a client.
  • What you say matters. Your views matter and we conduct regular customer surveys so you can tell us what you think.

Hammond Walker has been great at both returning emails and phone calls promptly and always answering - what are probably very obvious questions- patiently, politely and without jargon – this is much appreciated.

Manjit Singh Dol
Absolutely Fit Performance Coaching


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