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Solicitors, either trading in a personal capacity, or through a general practice, are a specialised profession. We have therefore established a pool of expertise to focus on delivering our services. Solicitors tend to, particularly, be interested in a specific mix of our services:

  • Partnership accounts,
  • Examining LLP status and other forms of litigation protection,
  • Personal tax returns,
  • Checking that your client accounts have been administered in accordance with the Law Society's accounting rules,
  • Outsourced payroll bureau services

As well as acting for solicitors, we work with solicitors to provide litigation support and forensic accounting services.

Solicitors are a sector with unique accountancy requirements. Instruct us to act for you, and rest assured that we will understand your business and look after your best interests. We will be pleased to provide referees, from other solicitors, once we have received their permission, if you require.

Practical Examples of our Solicitors Expertise

  • Setting up a computerized Sage accounting book-keeping system for a general practice.
  • Partnership tax and succession planning.
  • Owning property within a partner controlled pension scheme.
  • Providing payroll services for all practice employees.

With Hammond Walker we get proactive business advice that really helps us and not just some figures and a bill!

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Creative Director
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